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Current show

Dance Trance

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Welcome to Blockcoin (BLC), the next generation digital currency...

Although intended to fund and drive our own community Blockcoin opens doors to the new revolution in digital alt-coins and currency as well as provide our community cool new ways to pay for things, earn rewards and much more.

Whats even better is that you can generate your own coins which have value in our community, you can “Mine” coins and run your own “Masternode” server’s to generate coins as well as earn them in our community throughout the website, on-air with our presenters and more. To “Mine” coins you need nothing more than a PC, internet connection and a BlockCoin Wallet to get you started earning!

More Info

At the moment not alot in CASH, however our community is driven by crypto so you can play games, access advanced features, requests songs on-air even buy Blockchain Radio goodies such as USB sticks, power banks, mugs and more. Check out the “Mining Guide” tab to start earning free coins.

Keep your Blockcoin’s safe with your own windows and linux wallets. The small wallet software allows you to store your own coins and even generate free coins by mining or setting up your own Masternode (more about that later) Download the wallet for your operating system. Each person running there own wallet makes the network stronger!

What is mining?

A blockchain is secured by hundreds of mathmatic calculations (too hard for a human to compute quickly) as your CPU can handle these calculations quickly it secures the blockchain by creating and solving complex mathmatic calculations. Everytime a transaction happens on our blockchain network it scrambles it into calculations and your CPU solves the answer to confirm and secure your transaction. Everyone connected to the network (anyone running a wallet or hosting coins) sync and share the scrambled blockchain so everyone has a copy of every transaction and nobody can fake it!

What can i earn mining?

Each block your CPU (computer) solves on our blockchain is rewarded 75 BLC, the faster and better your CPU the more likely you are to solve block mathmatics and gain block rewards. The more people mining blocks the stronger the network becomes as each block makes the next one stronger (mathmatics get harder) and secure. You can earn coins by mining on almost any PC computer, more modern computers will mine faster…

Start Mining

You will need –

  • A Blockcoin wallet (download here)
  • Blockcoin CLI (command line interface) (download here)
  • A Computer & Internet Connection (doh!)

1. Create a folder anywhere on your computer to store and run your wallet and downloaded files for example call it “Blockcoin Miner”

2. Open your wallet and run it for a while to let it sync with the blockchain network.

3. Close your wallet software down and create a file called blockcoin.conf in the folder “%APPDATA%\blockcoin”.

4. Paste the following into your new blockcoin.conf file –


You can download a copy of the file (here) unzip and save it to your “%APPDATA%\blockcoin” folder.

Note: rpcuser & rpcpassword can be any random string you wish.

5. Open your Blockcoin-qt.exe wallet software again to let it read the new config file and sync with the network again. Giv it a few minutes…

6. In the same folder you created in step 1 create a new file called miner.bat, in this file copy and paste the following code and save.

@echo off
set path_cli=%cd%
cd %path_cli%
echo Press [CTRL+C] to stop mining.
blockcoin-cli.exe generate 1
goto begin

Finally – Double click miner.bat to execute the miner, it will take +/- 30 minutes to mine your first block and earn your first coins, depending on your computer hardware.